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Picture of UX UI Designer - Shane HerringtonText Image - Shane Herrington - Digital Product Manager - UX UI Consultant
Picture of UX UI Designer - Shane Herrington
Text Image - Shane Herrington - Digital Product Manager - UX UI Consultant
I can help you improve:

Project & Product Management

Leveraging talent and resources to increase creativity and efficiently build quality digital products and services.


Brand & Design Management

Maintaining consistency across your communications, helping create a more confident and loyal user base.


Content Management

Creating organized and well-maintained content structures, increasing consistency, productivity and user experience.


User Experience Design

Understanding what business needs to be done and making it as painless as possible for users to participate and succeed.


User Interface Design

Creating and maintaining clean and intuitive user interfaces for today's constantly evolving users and their digital devices.


15+ years of digital media consulting and production for leading molecular chemical imaging technology innovators.

Since 2004, my role as a digital production consultant at ChemImage has remained relatively the same. I support internal sales and marketing staff by helping translate their vision and needs into functional digital assets.

The relationship includes the design and development of multiple corporate websites, campaign-driven landing pages, email marketing templates, CRM integrations, animated tradeshow presentations, and more.  

The latest CMS-driven web platform provides the internal marketing team with a branded scalable foundation capable of displaying a wide range of dynamic content. It also fully integrates the sales team's 3rd-party CRM tools, allowing for a more streamlined lead generation and management workflow.

They continue to innovate, I continue to help them share and maintain their vision.

"Shane can take a project from its infancy and carry it to its conclusion. He’s driven but not demanding, and has what I’d call an influential personality with the power to shape the work environment and execute great ideas…he has made a truly positive impact on our business."

John Belechak
John Belechak - Chief Revenue Officer, Sensors & Filters - ChemImage

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