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Picture of UX UI Designer - Shane HerringtonText Image - Shane Herrington - Digital Product Manager - UX UI Consultant
Picture of UX UI Designer - Shane Herrington
Text Image - Shane Herrington - Digital Product Manager - UX UI Consultant
I can help you improve:

Project & Product Management

Leveraging talent and resources to increase creativity and efficiently build quality digital products and services.


Brand & Design Management

Maintaining consistency across your communications, helping create a more confident and loyal user base.


Content Management

Creating organized and well-maintained content structures, increasing consistency, productivity and user experience.


User Experience Design

Understanding what business needs to be done and making it as painless as possible for users to participate and succeed.


User Interface Design

Creating and maintaining clean and intuitive user interfaces for today's constantly evolving users and their digital devices.


Custom marketing assets and web platform for an experienced group of multidisciplinary analytical scientists.

During my tenure as digital production and marketing consultant with ChemImage Corp, I was tasked with reimagining the web presence of Gateway Analytical, a child organization known for its forensics services and experienced analytical staff. Our focus was to expand the current service offerings to other industries.

Through collaboration, we documented and defined what these industries needed in an analytical partner. We developed marketing that quickly addressed these needs and clarified that Gateway Analytical understood their customer. This included high-level language qualifying the business, custom illustrations demonstrating where Gateway made a difference, and new consistent service naming conventions and iconography showcasing our understanding of the industry.

Gateway’s interdisciplinary team of experts and management staff were highly receptive to the learning and evaluation processes. Together, we built a platform that made the company an attractive partner for many organizations outside the forensics space.

AptarGroup, Inc. acquired Gateway Analytical in 2019.

"Shane stepped in and helped us transform our marketing from the typical scientific website to something much more customer-focused. Instead of educating, we were selling and promoting. His work led to 95% of our new business leads being generated from our web presence."

Dave Exline
Dave Exline - President - Gateway Analytical

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