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Picture of UX UI Designer - Shane HerringtonText Image - Shane Herrington - Digital Product Manager - UX UI Consultant
Picture of UX UI Designer - Shane Herrington
Text Image - Shane Herrington - Digital Product Manager - UX UI Consultant
I can help you improve:

Project & Product Management

Leveraging talent and resources to increase creativity and efficiently build quality digital products and services.


Brand & Design Management

Maintaining consistency across your communications, helping create a more confident and loyal user base.


Content Management

Creating organized and well-maintained content structures, increasing consistency, productivity and user experience.


User Experience Design

Understanding what business needs to be done and making it as painless as possible for users to participate and succeed.


User Interface Design

Creating and maintaining clean and intuitive user interfaces for today's constantly evolving users and their digital devices.


Content and design management across multiple initiatives supporting those impacted by domestic violence.

Over a decade ago, the NRCDV team contracted me to help design a user interface for their extensive library of domestic violence resources. A database of 100,000 + files, links, and media elements that needed to be logically indexed and made easily consumed, saved, and shared by its global audience.

After the successful launch of VAWnet, additional partnerships and initiatives were awarded to the NRCDV. I helped develop and integrate a standard technology package and planning process that allowed them to get initiatives up and running efficiently. A workflow that would make the most of the organization's resources (both funds and people). 

10+ years later, we’ve made multiple iterations to the VAWnet interface and planned and launched several new initiatives (Safe Housing Partnerships, Prevent IPV, RHY Toolkit, and CBPR Toolkit).

"We’re a nonprofit and our bottom line is user engagement—which has increased exponentially as a result of Shane’s excellent work. He pushed us to do some things that we had been resistant to do, and made us think far into the future, which has made the organization stronger and more successful."

Casey Keene
Casey Keene - Director of Programs & Prevention - NRCDV

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