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Picture of UX UI Designer - Shane HerringtonText Image - Shane Herrington - Digital Product Manager - UX UI Consultant
Picture of UX UI Designer - Shane Herrington
Text Image - Shane Herrington - Digital Product Manager - UX UI Consultant
I can help you improve:

Project & Product Management

Leveraging talent and resources to increase creativity and efficiently build quality digital products and services.


Brand & Design Management

Maintaining consistency across your communications, helping create a more confident and loyal user base.


Content Management

Creating organized and well-maintained content structures, increasing consistency, productivity and user experience.


User Experience Design

Understanding what business needs to be done and making it as painless as possible for users to participate and succeed.


User Interface Design

Creating and maintaining clean and intuitive user interfaces for today's constantly evolving users and their digital devices.


User interface design and user experience consulting for AI-ML-focused image and video annotation tool.

I spent the last 2 years acting as part-time User Interface Designer and User Experience Consultant for a team of talented individuals known as Innotescus. This “start-up” utilizes modern web-based technologies to bring all the tools needed to efficiently manage, label, improve, and export data for machine learning programs to your web browser.

I immersed myself into the team’s agile project management and sprint methodologies and introduced design and design library management tools to help maintain consistency across a wide variety of complex interfaces and advanced user workflows. Together we built a simple and clean interface that allows machine learning scientists, annotators, and data managers to complete complex tasks, saving them precious time while greatly increasing the quality of their data.

I was also tasked with helping the Innotescus marketing and sales teams organize and design customer-facing marketing materials - website, swag, social stuff, etc. This was fun.

"Shane's a multi-talented designer who adds value to every stage of the product development process, and his contributions help my entire team work smarter. He's an attentive listener and knows when to ask the right questions. He goes above and beyond and has always delivered top-notch work. I truly believe that my team wouldn't be this far along without him."

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson - Director of Software Development & Information Technology - Innotescus

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